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Over carbonated. Why?

My Black IPA extract kit is over carbonated. It is way bubbly, drinkable, but foams up. Why? I followed directions exactly.

need to know
how long in primary,IE days of fermentation before bottling .
what was og and fg . how cold is it when your opening the bottles.

How much priming sugar?

[quote=“gdtechvw”]How much priming sugar?[/quote]Plus, how much beer did you prime?

Good call.

And one more question, did you notice the date on the yeast?

And while you’re getting enough data to answer your question, let’s think worst-case, and your bottles aren’t done over-carbing yet. If that’s the case, there may be some risk of bottle bombs here. Get what you can down to fridge temps, which will halt the yeast. What you can’t refridgerate, keep in a case in a garbage bag, so if a bottle goes, the bag will contain the mess. Preferably someplace not carpeted.
Don’t panic on this, I had one batch last year, where the bottles would fountain in the sink when opened. …to the point where I opened 3 at a time to have enough left in the bottles for one glass. Only one bottle in that batch actually blew.

Overcarbonated bottle can be caused by too much sugar in too little beer at the time of bottling or an infection.

And infection is not likely, but it could affect the entire batch or just individual bottles if the contamination was in the bottles themselves. Review your cleaning and sanitation procedures to prevent future infections.

Too much sugar per volume of beer could be caused by an error in measurement (too much priming sugar added), or the priming sugar could be mixed in poorly (in which case you’ll get some overcarbonated and some flat bottles) or could be due to bottling before the beer was done fermenting. In any of these cases, there is a risk of bottle bombs and you should take JMcK’s advice above.

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