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Over $30 free shipping from our host

Just got an email that orders over $30 ship free. I could not find any disclaimer on heavy items like bulk grain either. Just to test it out I put a sack of base malt in my cart and went to check out. Shipping came up free. I did not complete the purchase because I just got a sack but this is good to know.


Had the email also. New look to the site also. Cheaper beer. That will be good. Won’t need to do bulk orders of ingredients anymore. I like that. More room for bottles in the frig.

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Just purchased Three 1 gallon fermentation jugs…(just over $30).

The folks at NG do it right.
Nice deal.

Nice. Hope they still will do the 15-20% off sales with >30$ free shipping.

Thats just crazy! I can see the buds and I buying some sacks of specialty… Time will tell, until then… best get after it! :slight_smile: Sneezles61

Did prices go up across the board too? BIAB kits jumped $4

You have to pay for free shipping somehow. Nothing is free.


Bingo. In fact the bulk price on my preferred 2-row, which remain nameless, but is the best 2-row that’s isn’t grainy, went up $18. Now, that’s per bag. So, you’re actually paying the shipping twice as often there will be a little give if ordering more than 1. For example it may cost $12 for one sack, but $20 for two, rather than $24.

If that makes sense… :smirk:

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I did just get an email that with the code NEWSHIRT you’ll get a free T-shirt from NB.

There isn’t any “B” in grainy!? :grin: Sneezles61

Just checked prices on the site compared to my last order May 5. American Amber Ale and the Chinook IPA were up in price $3 each and dry yeast up $1.

So, it appears they’re not in business to give s**t away. I am SHOCKED!!

I honestly have not been using NB recently. With this change, they come back into the running on some purchases for me. Oddly, it seems that NB now wins on large-ticket items, but costs you if you want to buy several small-ticket items.

Not for me. I can still get a bulk grain purchase from a competitor that now has a warehouse on the east coast for less while still paying shipping.

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