Outside of the norm recommendations for Wyeast 1007

Any off the wall recommendations for Wyeast 1007. I’ve used it for alts and kolsch, but has anyone attempted maybe an american strong ale or barleywine?
The super alt I just pulled from it is very malty and clean, which leads me to believe it would work in most American styles as long as i’m willing to give it time to clear.

I’ve only used it once for a Dusseldorf Altbier with good results… but I like your thinking! I believe yeast to have the biggest influence on many characteristics of a finished beer and am always intrigued with experimenting with different strains. Good luck with whatever you make and let us know your results.


Works great fr APA/AIPA.

Thanks guys. May wash off a quarter of it or so and brew up an APA with some meridian and centennials!

American wheat.

I have used it multiple times successfully in amber ales and brown ales. One of my favorite yeasts.

I was looking at it for a Mock-Maibock. Not sure if it’s a good idea or not yet.

I just brewed an IPA (Warrior) 1.065, with some 1007 slurry from Alt and CA Common.
my basement is so cold now, seemed like the perfect yeast.

[quote=“Denny”]Works great fr APA/AIPA.[/quote]. That is encouraging I just brewed up ten gal citra pale ale and on a whim pitched a jar of harvested 1007 in half. Only thing I don’t like about this yeast how long it takes to drop clear.