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Outdoor Shelf life of Hops in Extract Kits?

Hi all,

Bychance, I received two NB “Surly Furious” extract kits, recently, as free accompaniments to another purchase. The kits are 100% intact, hops & all (no yeast), and knowing how expensive they are (especially the hops!), I’d really like to use them. However, I also know they’ve been stored for some (unknown amount of) time in an outdoor storage locker/facility, and with ambient temps this summer being pretty warm, I’m sure these kits have been subjected to the heat, too.

So, how do you think the ingredients will have fared in these conditions? Ok to use?

Bummer. No one has any guesses? I suppose I’ll use 'em and be the first to find out!

Are you talking weeks, months or years?

I am guessing they will be fine, except for any yeast.

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