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Out of gas?

Leaving the house on my way to work this morning, I opened my fridge in the garage and noticed that the PSI was @ 0. I had it set to around 7 PSI and haven’t touched it in a couple of days. The tank is on and the gas line to the keg is open. The regulator doesn’t indicate that the c02 tank is empty, but I know they lie sometimes.

Am I going home to an empty tank? This is the 4th keg for a 5lb tank

By no means an expert but without having a better look at it there’s really no way to tell. You should be able to get many more than 4 kegs out of a #5 co2 cyl.
It’s possible that there was a leak, you mis-read the gauge, or for some reason the regulator got turned down. They only way to know for sure is to weigh the tank.

Weigh it. Tare weight should be on the tank. With only 4 kegs, if its empty you have a leak.

this^^^^. :cry:

yeah, I can get 8-10 kegs from 1 5# tank.

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