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Ough brewday yesterday

I brewed the Dead Ringer. Had difficulty with ALL the temps. The rest was at 144, looking for 152; sparging at 147; and the mash out at 154 looking for 168.
Grain Bill
11lbs Rahr 2 row
1Bliess Carmel 40
My og ended at 1.050. I did get activity in the fermenter with in 6-8 hours. I did some multi tasking I did start safale us #5 with some dme while waiting for the beta rest. On a good note, I used the new PH meter. I did add too mush to bring down the ph for the water and had to restart, lesson learned. Water 5.4 mash 5.4.

Sounds like you’ll be fine…it might be a bit thin/ fermentable with that rest temp but I predict you’ll have IPA. How do you try to hold temps?

I use sleeping bags and blankets with a concrete block…primitive but it works.

Also you sparged at 147* ?

@irishjoe refresh my memory what system are you using? I’ve had some low mashes where I thought I had done the math right on where why temps would be and was way off. My beer ended up ok

I think it’s good you are trying new things… Keep it going!!

I use a cooler for mashing. After thinking about this AM, I put water into the grains. I don’t think that it was mixed all the way. Yes I stirred and stirred, but water over the grains? In the house I have 2 Irish sweat shirts, with my thermometer in between carboy and shirts. Sparging at that temp good or bad? I wanted it to be around 165:thinking: The yeast is doing its business anyways.

What temp did you heat your strike water to? Been a while… I think 20F above mash temp… When you mix with the grains, it settles down to a mash temp you desire… So, 177F, should rest at 157*F… You’ll figure it out after a few mash sessions…

Sparging is done at 168 to 170°F range. Hotter will bring out tannins and cooler will be less efficient at extracting all the sugar from your grains.

Batch Sparging Temperatures - Brew Your Own

Of course in brewing there are all kinds of options and different techniques, Cold sparging, hybrids, no Sparge,Etc and it’s exhausting keeping up with it all. But this is traditional. For traditional reasons.

That is the issue there. I was at 168 for striking water. I usually go 185 and fix if need to be. I don’t know where the head was at. Too over confident. In my past posts I say I learn something new every brewday. I am making a check list for brewday, “brewday check list”.
Voodoo donut, I thought that was the temp.

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