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How do you organize your brewing equipment, hardware, hoses, etc? What things do you use for storage that were meant for another purpose (ie wire shelving for hose rack)?

I built new work benches a little while ago. I’ll be adding full length drawers to each soon. Drawer depth will be about 5 inches. The bottom of the drawers will be fluorescent light fixture diffusers instead of plywood. The diffusers will allow air circulation for faster drying. The drawers will hold siphon equipment, thief, bungs, hydrometers, and other small pieces.

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Nice! What material did you use on the tops?

The tops are MDF with melamine laminated to both sides. The edging is red oak.

Wait, your supposed to organize your stuff? Actually I built a dedicated room that I ferment, wash and clean kegs and bottles and fill bottles. At least I know everything is in that room, somewhere.:thinking:

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This is what my brewing area looks like when it’s clean.

Oh dear, you are way too organized! I want to be like that but, I have to share the laundry room and my wife, well, she has other things to do…. Sneezles61

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This is what I have in my basement. Do the boil in the garage then move downstairs to ferment.

That’s the RIS I made last weekend, misjudged my boil and got less in the fermenter,on the bright side I also got higher OG.

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I just organized the brew room so I’ll throw it up


Man I’m jealous that looks awesome!

A cat needs his lair

The ultimate dedicated purpose living space.

Wow!!!.. I got a cabinet…:disappointed:


Great organization!..wish mine was like that… I have tomash/boil in the garage then ferment INA tiny room in the basement…mines getting better but I,m always fussing and tweaking it…what gets me most is teardown /setup…would much rather setup and leave up…Ah well…at least I get to brew once in a while Lol

Finally got back to doing some projects with wood. Completed the drawer for one of the work benches. The other bench will not have a drawer. Also used the drawer for dovetail joint practice.

The bottom of the drawer is 1" Ă— 2" welded wire covered with perforated rubber carpet
padding for air circulation.


aww, dovetail joinery… By hand or jig? I like your wire mesh and protection over that idea… Very smart Flars… Sneezles61

I’m learning the Porter Cable dovetail jig. Next will be a book case with three drawers at the bottom. File drawer and electronics storage. Plan to use plywood for half blind dovetails rather than through dovetails. Patching faults learned from my early millwork days will most likely be necessary. Next a computer desk. All in the Stickley furniture style.

Half blinds take a few test pieces to get the depth… Its an art that takes time and practice. Sneezles61

Me got my own brewing room. Everything nice organized. So i know where everything is

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