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Ordering Poppits

Has anyone ordered Poppits from NB? I’m looking at the pictures and the tops look like what is on my kegs, but the bottoms or prongs are longer than what is pictured on this site. Did NB just cut off the photo? If you know, please let me know.


The new universal poppets don’t have the prongs. … valve.html

How are they to use? The prongs hold the poppit in place, what holds the universal poppit in place? How is it to use? Sorry, but I’m full of questions.

Last one, if i can get the original poppet style, should i get that rather than the universal?

The larger end of the spring rests on the diptube.

I guess I would ask if anyone with your style kegs has tried them.

These are the poppets that my keg has:

The universal poppits are amazing i have them on my coke converted ball lock post. The poppit part with the small seal is on top and the bottom of the poppit sits on top of the spring and the spring sits on top of the dip tube. These things are a must if you are replacing poppits because they are super easy to clean and in my own experience i have never had these things leak. Also those little prongs on the regular poppits have been getting damage on regular use and also they are too rough on the diptube orings and scratching my diptube. Anytime i think about replacing poppits i always buy these.

Thanks, next time I order I’ll give them a try.

I’d fully agree, the universal poppet valves are awesome. I keep a handful around to use on any leaky poppets I run in to on my kegs. The spring is quite a bit stronger than a normal poppet spring and has always sealed great for me. Much easier than trying to keep track of all the different poppet types.

BTW, just kegged for the first time and guess what? One of the poppets failed, I happened to have a universal laying around and you guys are correct, they are way better. Going to stick with nothing but universal poppets for now on.

You know i would not say that your poppit failed but i noticed that they sometimes fall out of alignment and do not seal properly again unless you remove it and realign. Anyways yup you will never have any poppit issue with the universals. If I do not have a universal poppit on my corny’s i end up turning them into fermentor until i get another pair of universals.

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