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Orange Blast

Hello people, new here and I’d like to bounce my recipe against other opinions. I created this yesterday and will probably go and get the ingredients this Friday

2 Row Pilsner - 5lbs
Wheat Malt - 5lbs
Biscuit Malt - 8oz
Cara Pils 1- lb

Citra hops for full 60 min boil and Amarillo for the last 10
.5 oz of sweet and .5 oz or bitter orange peel for the last 5 min
1 lb of orange honey at flame out.

What do you guys think?


It’ll be fine. Personally not a fan of Biscuit malt. I love Citra and have used it as a single hop plenty. I prefer Citra to Amarillo at 10 mins. 1 lb of honey of any kind will be lost, IMO, in the beer and is a waste of money. I would use honey malt instead. I would add some rice hulls I suppose.

Thanks! I’ve never used rice hulls in a brew before. I’m on the fence with the biscuit malt.

Brew it. It with be good. Let us know. The fun begins

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I will… I’ll post the results

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Welcome to the forum… There are many tried and true home brew peeps here… You’ll get a few different ideas as we all have our own style we enjoy… If you keep asking, you’ll get many experiments… more brews to imbibe…
Have fun, and be very careful… you could wake up a few years from now, consumed about water science, malt science… thermal questions… Boil kettle sizes, fermenter sizes… fermentation temps… yeast pitching rates…
Whew… and more! Just ask…Sneezles61

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i think the biscuit is not on the same pallet as the rest of your ingredients. If you want a note that complements the wheat and orange many use coriander.


Agreed. Biscuit will give a little bit of a toasty note that doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the ingredients. If you are looking to add a bit of maltiness, light Munich might go better.

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I’ve been brewing for approx 10 - 12 just kicked out 45 gallons ( 9 different recipes) for our annual Octoberfest party. I love creating recipes on the fly but sometimes when I’m really inspired, I forget to write anything down. My 2 most beloved recipes were born from “Hey… I have extra grains… let’s see what I can make from them”. Worst thing about that is. When the last drop is gone. You know you’ll never drink that brew again.

Thanks for the help!!! I should’ve posted here years ago. I now write EVERYTHING down. I’ll leave out the biscuit from the responses.

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I don’t think that little bit of biscuit would even be noticed in that beer anyway. As far as brewing " on the fly " not sure what you mean. I often brew with stuff I have on hand but I definitely put thought into it. When I go to the supply house I’ll always get extra this and that so I generally have something available to get where I want to go. That’s the craft part I guess. Happy brewing

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