Opinions on pictures of fermentation

I have not used carboys very often, so am not used to looking at what is happening.
The pictures attached have me a little worried. Any idea what we are looking at?
The floating circular spots are as large as a U.S. nickel or smaller.
I can’t tell the color - this is in a Better Bottle,
lit by LED flashlight, so there may be a blue tint from that.

OK, I don’t see the pictures here - will try again…

Looks like clumps of tiny bubbles from CO2 coming out of solution to me.

Nothing to worry about, though I did still worry about it when I first brewed in a carboy instead of a bucket.

Thanks - I kind of hoped so. Should mention this is 3 days into secondary.

That second picture is freeky. Looks like you racked onto a jellyfish.

agreed it does look like co2 bubbles coming out and at three days that would be correct if it was not quite done fermenting. I use better bottles as well and see that look as well. no worry’s unless it climbs out and tries to kill you like “The Blob” so if it can climb stairs you may want to run. :wink: Cheers

I lit that one from below - made everything look yellow. (I hope the brew looks better when it finally clears!)

Steven King wrote a great short story called “Gray Matter” about what happened to a guy after drinking an infected beer…scary!


i will have to see if i can find that story, steven king and a story about beer worth reading on brew day :? cheers


Try doing a Hi grav beer in a clear container (better or glass). You would not believe the stuff and activity that you see.