Opinions on orange peel

Making an All grain Le Petite Orange and going to make it a blanche by adding the corriander and orange peel. What makes a true Wit? The bitter or the sweet? What’s the difference?

In a true wit, the dried bitter orange peel is for bitterness and the coriander is for the orange flavor.

Thank you

I think it was Mosher who warned against using commercially sold dried orange peel from your LHBS since it’s full of undesirable pith. Consider getting some fresh oranges and zesting them, orange part only - curacao are one type of bitter orange but hard to find. I always go with fresh orange, sweet if I have to, and sometimes folks mix 1/4 grapefruit peel + 3/4 sweet orange peel, although this is different than a true bitter orange.

And sorry Denny, but I still doubt the conclusion that orange peel imparts no orange flavor, although coriander definitely does. But I guess that’s not what you are saying.

No, that’s not what I was saying, although I do think any orange flavor from the peel will be minimal. And I also disagree with Randy to some extent. When I’ve used orange peel from the LHBS I didn’t find it disagreeable. But I’ve only used it a few times.

Yeah, I started with dried bitter orange peel now quite a few years ago, but after “Radical Brewing” never went back because I enjoyed the beers with fresh zest better than the once or twice I had previously tried with the purchased dry stuff. I do know that dried herbs also are often recommended over fresh, and I totally get it that both ways will make dynamite beer. Peace brutha!