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Oops, left light on in fermenter room: is beer ruined?

oops, I left the light on in the basement bathroom where I am fermenting a Chinook IPA.
for about 8 hours…
no cover on it, because I always shut the light off and shut the door, no window.

is the beer ruined?

I read somewhere recently that it was UV light that causes skunking. If so, there is no UV in indoor lighting.

RDWHAHB. It takes pretty concentrated UV to skunk a beer. I have compact CFLs in my basement that I leave on all the time. I’ve never had skunky issues with my beer, fermenting in buckets or carboys.

really? man. i was so worried every time i just wanted to check out my beer to see how it was doing.

ok, thanks all,
I won’t worry about it…

[quote]I read somewhere recently that it was UV light that causes skunking. If so, there is no UV in indoor lighting.[/quote] Fluorescent lights, such as those utilizing linear tube lamps, emit UV light as do screw-type CFL’s. Alot of garages, basements, and kitchens have fluorescent lighting. As long as you keep your beer as far away as possible from fluorescent light sources though, you shouldn’t get any skunking. As an aside, the government has started phasing-out incandescent lighting and plan to have all indoor lighting be fluorescent (or some other high-efficient bulb) by the year 2020.

Does it smell skunky?

Yup, it’s ruined!! I guess you’ll just have to send it all to me !!!

Just kidding, skunky beer is still beer. I’ve only had 2 batches that went bad enough that I couldn’t drink them, and neither of them were because of skunkitis.

well, ok then…

I just smelled it, it’s been in primary for a week now, a Chinook IPA, and it smells wonderful, NOT skunky.

and, though most of my house has some type of CFL, this room has the old fashioned regular bulbs.

so, no worries…

except for my Tonguesplitter, that’s another post…

thanks everyone!

Leaving the light on in your beer room can make it easier for beer thieves to make off wth your beer …no matter what state of proccess it is in. Always shut off the light to discourage beer theft ,or at the very least make it a little hharder.

  • 1,000,000

Nothing to add really, but now I really want to know about that tongue splitter.

ok, here’s my post in yeast forum…
the only reply so far is to leave it alone, that s-33 works off quick…

ok, here’s what I’ve got.

Tonguesplitter extract kit, full boil, added 1# DME, used recommended S-33 dry yeast (usually use US-05).

yeast in Sat 4pm, to closet with ambient temp about 63-64*
Sun am it was going like crazy, lots of Krausen
Sunday pm, even more!

Monday am: REALLY slowed down, and almost no krausen.
and tonight, appears to be almost finished???

temp on carboy has been about 70* now to 66*

  1. is it too early to check gravity?
  2. should I add some yeast nutrient?

I have been rousing it a bit.

I really want this beer to turn out…


beer thieves!!!

that’s all I need, something else to worry about…

Too late. We know where he keeps it. :twisted:

Lights don’t matter at all for BEER NINJAS!! In fact, they prefer the dark… You’re screwed, my friend.

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