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Oops keg issuse

I was transferring my beer in to my corny keg and I had my food grade tubing spiraling around the inside. When I finish I tried to pull the tubbing out and it is caught around the the metal beer line pipe. Tried to pull the pipe out but that’s jammed too. So I cut the tubing off much as possible and left part in the keg. Should I really worry or just drink that beer as fast as possible and try again?

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it. One for the books. :grinning:

That’s strange. How many feet of tubing

Like 3 or 4 feet :expressionless:

Pull the post and remove the tubing… next time… That vinyl tubing gets funky in star san… which is a low pH… so is beer, when finished… Like WMNoob sez… one for the books… Sneezles61

Will it make it taste a little funky. Yeah I learn something new every brew.

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I can’t tell you that… Its not happened to me … just pointing out what a low pH does to tubing… Perhaps you won’t taste a thing and all will be well! Things just happen sometimes… :slight_smile: Sneezles61

Can you push to another keg? You can rack it back to the fermenter fix the keg then rack it back. Chance of oxidation but if you’re careful it can be minimal. Just drink it in a timely manner.

Ok it shouldn’t Disintegrate though…?

Same tubing you serve with right?

All I know it’s clear tubbing that is good grad. Looks just like my beer line

The beer doesn’t stay in the serving lne long term. I don’t think it will disintegrate. Will it affect the flavor ?I don’t think so in the short term. It may if you think about it to much. So if it’s going to bother you just transfer it.

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Thanks everyone. I’m not super worried I’ll just start to drink it as soon as it’s don’t carbonating. I’ll bottle some of it for friends and just get it drank faster than I planed


Please don’t throw me in the briar patch! LOL :wink:

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:confused: don’t say that lol

Bummer having to drink more homebrew. LOL

Maybe if the tube starts dissolving you’ll get super powers or something. :laughing:

Plastic Man !

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Just imagine how much Plastic Man could drink without getting full!

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