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Oops... 2 lbs of Brown Sugar in Cider

I made a small batch of cider… 2.5 Gallons… But I used 2 lbs of brown sugar by accident. My gravity was 1.080. Any ideas what to expect. This is my first cider. I used this yeast … nay-2.html

I’m guessing you’ll end up well north of 10% if you let it fully ferment. You could test it during fermentation and stop the yeast with potassium sorbate if you wanted less alcohol content. But I’d let it ferment all the way, and then backsweeten (and dilute, I suppose) with apple juice.

Keep the fermentation temp on the cool side, at least for the first few days as the yeast plows through all the simple sugar.

Im fermenting around 68… Trying to keep it on the cool side with that yeast. Apparently keeping it cool it will not ferment to total dryness…

[quote=“Zip100473”]Apparently keeping it cool it will not ferment to total dryness…[/quote]68 ambient or cider temp? If ambient, you’re about 8F too high. But you can start out cool, like low 60s cider temp, for a couple days, then raise the temp to encourage complete attenuation - the first few days are the critical ones for inhibiting off-flavors and higher alcohol production.

Fermenter temp. I am sitting at 68… Its the coolest spot in my basement. But thats the temp at full ferment. I believe the starting temp was 65… I do not have ferm temp control…

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