Oolong Tea Blonde Ale

So I’m really new to brewing and have just crafted my first beer, the more I read the more I want to start leaving recipe kits and start brewing my own specialized beers to the point of growing my own hops. I plan to brew 2 or 3 more straight out of the kits just to establish a routine and technique but then plan to start growing and ordering my own ingredients.

Personally I’m a fan of IPA’s but I promised my girlfriend (who isn’t such a fan of hoppy beers) that my first personalized beer would be tea influenced. I’m looking for any and all advice, from what types of hop rhizomes I should buy to produce the best hops for the blonde ale (and any for future IPA brews) and the best techniques for brewing a beer with tea.

Thank you in advance for any help or knowledge you can pass on.

I would go with cascade. They have a mild enough fruity citrus flavor to use as a bittering, or dry hop addition. Also, FWIW, I did a green tea pale ale. The thread for it is just a few down the list from here.

Namaste, Brew on!!