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Online mashing calculator?

Hello I was wondering which one of these calculator’s is the most accurate? An also do these calculator’s take pre-heating your mash-tun into account?.

Define accuracy? I use BeerSmith do make recipes. It seems very accurate. You get to define your equipment parameters. I BIAB so I never have had to worry about mash tun temp but if I did I would just do a test with some water and see how much it loses.

Me do use brewsmith. And brewers friend. They both acurate. Tells you with brewersfriend. How much mash water. Strike temp and. Sparge water. And how much wort you should get on the end. But find out its more trial and error as well. Most my batches. Are 6 gall. But have to use 7.7 gall wort. Due to boil off.

You need to just jump in with both feet… Using an online anything won’t help you make a better brew… You, yourself and pay attention to details will prove the most effective results… Imagine, all these centuries of brewing with only pencil and paper…Sneezles61

I stopped preheating my mash tun (as a separate step) and have gone to heating my strike water about 5-10 degrees hotter then the target. I close the lid for 5-10 minutes. Then I open the lid and and stir until the strike water drops to the calculated target temperature. I hit my target mash temp more often this way.

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