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One year in

Well it’s been one year since my son gave me a beginners brewing setup. I did not think I would love this hobby as much as I do. It took me 5 or 6 batches of extract to want to go AG, now that I have I’ll never look back, except to brew a favorite kit from NB. In the last year I’ve learned a lot, and I want to say thank you to all the knowledgeable brewers on this forum, without you this hobby would be a lot harder.

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Yeah, once you go grain, you don’t often go back. :innocent: Congrats on the anniversary!


You are welcome. This is a great bunch here. Always someone happy to answer questions and some very knowledgeable brewers.

I have been AG for years but still like doing an extract now and then. Just did one a few days ago and it is still fun. Less time, less clean up and no as much to worry about. Best part is that it will come out beer!

Glad you’re enjoying the hobby! Cheers for 1 year!:clap: All- grain, extract, partial, original recipes, kits, its all good!

What do you give a home brewer for an anniversary when the person has home brew.

For my first brewing anniversary, I bought the same extract kit that came with my first starter kit.

It’s fun to see how your game has improved since the first time…

Yes, congrats to how yer life will be wrecked and brews will never be the same! And best is, many peeps around you will be awed by yer awesome knowledge of brews too !! :grin: The best present this year? A Full sack of malt! Do enjoy, some great peeps here, of some of the other old timers do weigh in as a special guest! Sneezles61

This wedness i will do a imperial blond ale. With 5 pounds of grain. Mini mash. After this. It will be all grain brewing

Yeah beer brewing way cool so happy. I started this. Do extract brew. With mini mash. Started to tweak the recipy. The last. Few months. But next year. It will be all grain. Brewing.

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