One step cleaner

Hi everyone,

I bought a two stage open mouth bubble system. They included in my kit one step cleaner. This is also a sanitizer? If it is all I need to do is use it as a cleaner and sanitizer at the same time. (one time does both) Thank you.

This is what the manufacturer says:

I advise using Star San or another fit-for-purpose product that does not use the word “probably” to describe the product’s usefulness as a sanitizer.

Agreed. ’ probably ’ doesn’t sit well with me either. Grab some star San to be safe.

Thank you for your response.

“One-Step is labeled as a light cleaner and final rinse agent, and produces hydrogen peroxide in solution. Hydrogen peroxide will effectively sanitize surfaces and containers that are already clean. As with all sanitizers, the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizing agent is comprimised by organic soil.”

From: How to Brew - By John Palmer

I used one step for years for a sanitizer without any problems. I switched to Starsan to sanitize only because it is easier to use. One step is still an excellent cleaner though and from my experience works for sanitizing.

Thank you to all who gave their imput to my question. :cheers:

+1 I used one step as a sanitizer for a couple of years before switching star san just recently because of ease of use. Never had any problems