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One off Custom 2 Vessel Fully Automated 20g System

Complete turnkey, you supply a 240v 60 amp circuit and a 20 amp 120v circuit.

What exactly do you get?
Well everything you see here minus the Flat panel tv:

Electric Ball Valves (14 total I believe)
Custom Plate Chiller
Control panel including a 14" touchscreen computer
Brewtroller 4.1
All wiring
Broan SS hood with 1200 cfm 10" fan

Let me know if you have questions…

PRICE $6,000

I remember envying this setup when I bought some hops from you. Are you bailing or changing the setup? And does the price come with the custom brew room you use?

Isn’t that the setup Walt used to make meth under the dry cleaners in Breaking Bad?

If it does that’s a really good deal.

Sold the house.

I don’t know how to ship rooms

That is one hell of a setup, if you could just help me to convince my wife that in order to brew I need this setup, we could have a deal :cheers:

If only I could win the lottery…

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