One of the hardest decisions

Just had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. Just had to put down my oldest dog and best friend of 15 years. I’ve had lots of dogs , but never shared the bond I had with Marco. Only thing I can think of that will dull the pain is fire up the burners. Looks like today is going to be a surprise batch of BW. Probably going to be a tear or two shed in my BK today. He will truly be missed. :cry:

As K-9 dude i am so sorry to hear that! I have had a few favorites in my 60 years. killed me when stuff happens. A toast to him and hang in there my friend.

Sorry to hear about your loss. I have been there with three different pets. It is very difficult. I will toast Marco with my next beer.

My condolences. I have had two dogs that really stand out in my lifetime as great companions. One was the German Shepard that my parents bought around the same time I was born. That dog and I spent a great 13 years together. The other is the dog I currently have, A 3.5 yr old Doberman & German Shepard mix. I was unemployed when we got that dog and him and I spent almost 24 hrs/day together for the first year of his life. I mean the world to that dog and honestly the feeling is mutual. He loves my wife but her and I joke (but in all seriousness) that he is truly MY dog.

Sorry for your loss. Remember all of the smiles & good times. You know he did. Brew up your best batch ever and name it after your buddy.

Very sorry for your loss.
My next will also be hoisted to your buddy Marco.

I am such a softy for dogs. Chooper, my first dog as an adult, has me wrapped around his paw and that’s fine with me.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

So sorry buddy, I have a 9 yr old boxer named Roxan. Losin her would be like losing a kid. Sorry. Here’s to Marco!

Yeah, let’s hoist one for Marco…and one for his pal.

Pets are part of a family, and the loss of a pet is just as hard. Brew a beer and name it for Marco. The pain of the loss will subside with time, but the memory will always be there to enjoy. Here’s to Marco

I’m also sorry for your loss. I’ll tip one for Marco as soon as I get home from work.

Marco! Marco! Marco!

Rest in piece, old faithful one.

Yea that’s rough man. We had a really hard winter last year and had to put down two dogs and a horse. Buried them all here on our property and many a tear was shed.

Here’s to Marco! Chasin’ bunnies in the great beyond!

Sorry that you lost your buddy. :frowning: First dog I had of my own passed away this past fall and I still think of him every day. It does get easier and I’m thankful for the 12 years I had with him but our four legged friends are each one of a kind.

So very sorry to hear of your loss! I got my first dog at 40 years old, almost 50 now…and he’s still with me and my best friend! Perhaps in his next incarnation, he’ll come back as a world class brew master!

So sorry for your loss, I’m not a dog person - cats have my heart and I lost my little buddy of 20yrs almost 5 years ago now. I was inconsolable, they are our loyal companions and love us unconditionally.

Here’s to Marco and his dad!

Here’s to you and your best friend Baratone Brewer God Made a Dog

Thanks guys. Everyone has been very supportive today and it means a lot. I have slowed down my brew day yo occupy my mind, this batch will be treasured.

Chokes me up to think about it…I have three cat boys and it is hard think about how I will feel when those times come.

I’m on the sabbatical wagon, so I’ll have to beam good thoughts your way.

I feel for you Baratone. I’ve never been a dog guy until my wife talked me into adopting a Doberman. Now I love that dog and can’t imagine the pain that will come when we lose her.

Cheers to Marco!

I TOTALLY feel your pain. A year ago we moved after 20 years in our old house. Moved to the eastern shore of MD partly because our dog loved the water so much. Maze was in heaven for the last 10.5 months of his life. Sadly, he had severe hip issues and physically started falling apart at 12 years old.

I have had great dogs all my life. Making the decision to put him down a month ago was rough. Tears run down my cheeks as I type this.

Sorry for your loss and it is real and will be around for a while. Part of the family.

Sorry for your loss, BB. After we put our 15 year old golden retriever down, I didn’t want another.
My wife brought home a black lab/golden retriever pup, four years later, she’s still the first one to greet me at the door.

:cheers: Marco

Not a dog person myself but I have a cat that acts like one. Got her the day I was laid off now nine years later I am starting to see age catch up with both of us. Each year brew with love to Marco. I raise a glass for you tonight.