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One more Question

When i was transferring my wort from my kettle to the carboy, I really had a hard time with gunk at the bottom. I feel like I got a lot of it in the carboy. What are my potential outcomes from this?

You will get a variety of answers on this. Some say dump it all in, others will do everything they can to keep the trub out of the fermenter. As far as I know there are no proven benefits or downfalls of either extreme or anything in between.

I personnaly dump it all in.

Good because I tried not to, but I basically dumped it all in. LOL. Thanks for answering my questions, this was my first batch and I have so many questions.

For me the main benefit of keeping the hop and break material out of the fermenter is that it makes reusing yeast easier. I used to dump it all in too back in the day and the beer came out fine. When I was brewing extract kits I didn’t want to waste a drop of the good stuff! Keeping it out these days is very easy, I have valves on my boilers so I don’t have to dump and I scale my recipes up to 5.5 to 6 gallons and leave a half gallon or so in the boiler.

I use a strainer in the funnel to catch the trub. I harvest yeast and this makes for an easier, cleaner harvest. Before the strainer, I dumped it all in with no ill effects to the beer.

Guys, thanks for the input. Just looked at my carboy and it is bubbling away!

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