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One gallon SMaSh test batches?

Alright, let’s start off by saying that I know a bunch of one gallon batches will be a ton of work for little pay off so don’t debate the point of going small.

I really just want to try out four or five SMaSH batches to get a real good feel for basemalts.

Anyone do this before? Maybe try Pilsner, 2-Row, Pale Malt, Vienna and Munich? Would like to keep the hops that same for each but not sure which one to use.

I think I would sub Maris Otter for the Pale Ale malt or add it to the list if you can do six. Would probably use something simple like Cascade for the hop and keep the IBUs around 25-30.

I like to smash the other-way-around; ie, one malt and 5 different hops. That way I can do my standard brew practice right up until I split the batch for the boil, and don’t need 5 different MLTs (or 5 different BIAB, whichever you do). But whatever you end up doing, post pictures! Always interesting to see others’ approach to this little “experiment”.


Try Maris Otter, too. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re really interested in learning about the malts, you might skip the flavor and aroma hop additions. Just bitter to around 20 IBU with whatever clean bittering hop you have around.

Would it be correct to label Maris Otter as a type of pale ale malt? I guess that is what I was thinking and was considering MO as my option for that. Or Golden Promise or something.

The five different hops experiment is on my list of things to do as well. And it sounds so much easier I kind of want to just do that to begin with but I think I’d get more out of this so I’ll try this first.

I like Cascade and know them pretty well so maybe I’ll go with that…or try something new? We’ll see.

Yep, both are British pale ale malt. I know Breiss has a product called pale ale malt, in the same direction as Maris Otter, but not held in as high of esteem.

Smash? Sorry, I have a hard time with all the abbreviations.

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