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I just received this monster of a kit in the mail today and was hoping to get some advice. The recipe calls for 6 gallons in the fermenter, and the carboys I have are 6.5 gallon. will this be an issue if I use a blowoff tube attached to the airlock?

With that little headspace I would use a blow off tube for sure. You’re going to want the full 6 in there because you’ll loose a lot to trub/hop material/etc. Depending on the temp of the fermentation, and the ferocity of the yeast strain, you may have some krausen come through the tube. So…keep the temp on the low range and you should be fine. Good Luck Doc!! :cheers:

I agree. Use a blow off tube. The first time I did the Pliney I didn’t use a blow off and had to actually put clamps on the lid of the bucket because I thought it was going to blow! The lid was pretty “swollen”. I didn’t have blow off tubing at the time - it got to be a little messy. The second time I did it I used a blow off and there were no issues. Fermentation temp was about 65 degrees both times. I brewed this one on 2/22/15 and will bottle on it on 4/3/15. Loved it!

I have done that kit twice in my 6.5 gallon carboy. Definitely use a blowoff tube. I used US-05 and had krausen coming out of the blowout tube into my bucket but didn’t lose too much. It is very doable in a 6.5 gallon carboy.


Awesome, thanks guys! I’ll be heading to Lowe’s to get some this weekend.

Another question (they just keep coming don’t they?!?)

I’m either going to use dry US-05 since I have some on hand, or go get some Wyeast 1272. Should I pitch 2 packs of either?

I have this going on with a batch of Storm the Bastille I brewed yesterday. I use 5 gallon carboys and this baby just about blew up even with a blowoff tube (had it into a bottle thru a hole a little too tight) I have a heck of a mess to clean up today.

Philian may be my next batch after I finish up the kits I have on hand.

the batch I did yesterday came out with an OG of 1.100 I used a liquid WLP-566. I made a yeast starter and let that go for two days and fermentation took off within a few hours. Philian says it is supposed to be 1.086OG (which is what the storm the Bastille said also) I’ve not been brewing too long but anything in that range I use a liquid and make a starter.

I used one pack of US-05 both times I brewed this. The first batch OG was 1.070 and FG was 1.015 and the second batch OG was 1.070 and FG was 1.012.


If you had some Fermcap on hand that should reduce or eliminate the need for a blow off tube. It may even be worth a trip to the LHBS to get some. It works wonders in the boil to stop boil overs. Never tried it in the fermentor but that’s what they sell it for.


This is the first time I’ve heard of Fermcap. Sounds like it does the trick. Either way I can’t wait to get this brew cookin’!