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Ommegang Hennepin

Had this on tap at 7 Monks and it was fantastic. What a beautiful beer, it tasted as good as it looked. I have never had a Saison before, but have read reviews on them and now I want to make one!

I think it is good, not great. My gripe with it is that it is sweeter and less dry than the really good saisons. I liked it until I tried some of the better ones, and then had a hennepin again and was dissapointed in it.

I’ve had it recently from a 750ml bottle and wasn’t too disapointed. Carbonation should have been a bit higher, maybe, and if it was too sweet, it was barely noticible. It was A LOT better then the first time I had it a few years ago.

But the price is $7.59 for a 750ml bottle… and a 750ml bottle of saison dupont is $7.99. I think I’ll spend the extra $.40 on a Dupont.

Wow, around here Hennepin is more like $6 and Dupont is more like $10.
My gripe with Dupont is the big bottles are green and they are often skunked. I buy the small brown bottles ($4 for 11 ozer)

This was my first time having a saison, it tasted great to me. It was sweet and tart, which I liked. I will have to try Dupont and some other Belgium versions. Beer is fun.

I am a big Saison fan and love Hennepin. True that it is not as dry as a traditional Saison but meh Saison is a crazy all over the place style anyway. Good is good. :slight_smile: If you want to make it make sure you get a recipe like Hennepin and not just a Sasion. It will be different.

Hennepin was my window into saisons. It’s not super incredible, but it sure is good!

like the original post I had it on draught, which is quite a feat here in Tennessee- and it was sensational. Since I’ve had it in 750 and not nearly as impressed (Quality? handling? temp control?). dimik you tell me - what will those yeast do to flavor after bottling? also I thought saisons were traditionally less dry?
Yall be good, thanks for bringing this one up.

I had this on tap and liked it better than the 12 oz 6 pack i get here. This was one of my first saisons. Since then tried many others with Jolly Pumpkin io my fave. Brewed one last summer (sweet and bitter orange peel, grains of paradise, black pepper) that improved every day over 8 months, now sadly gone. Probably most similar to Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale. One of the most popular brews i have (of had) on tap. I’m planning to brew again in late March.

that one of the ommegangs I really do not care for.

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