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OMG! first 4 batches - only 1 bottle left of each

I started brewing extract kits the first of July. Of my first 4 batches I have only 1 bottle of each left. It’s almost like losing a favorite pet!
Made a Belgian Dubbel that required long aging and then had visitors so my pipeline had a hiccup. The next ones are not ready yet!

I just opened my last Irish Red Ale, which was my first brew. Cheers! :cheers:

Its great that you are enjoying the beer that you make! This means you are doing something right and are making great beer! ENJOY! :cheers:

You need to get your friends to brew so when they come they will bring beer to trade and not just consume yours.

Brew some more. :frowning:

I get the part about almost like losing a favorite pet! I really do miss my beers when they’re gone!!! :cheers:

my first year I started brewing, I kept one bottle of each brew, and cracked them all open on New Year’s Eve. Was a fun, reflective journey back in time through my first year of brewing.

That is a great idea, except I kept a six pack of my first 8 or 10 brews. That will be a rough New Years day if I down all of that! :cheers:

I’ve tried to do that with some of my early batches that I really liked. Never really worked. I’d get down to 2-4 beers, would put them away. Inevitably I’d eventually say F-it and drink them. My rationale was that I could always brew more. But, I do have a Belgian Tripel that is bottle conditioning right now. That one I will be trying to save a few bottles for a rainy day.

I also was just given a few 750ml champagne bottles from a guy in my brewclub. I’m going to start using these to bottle one or two of my stronger or longer aged beers. To crack open a year or 2 down the line… again… if I can hold off that long.

I actually just drank a strong ale (Dogfish Head 90 minute clone) that I brewed back in March and had bottled. Most of it I had kegged and it was delicious. I was really disappointed in the bottled version. Not what I expected.

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