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Omega liquid yeast opinions

Has anyone used the omega liquid yeasts? If so what are your thoughts and opinions about them? Are starters necessary?

I’ll be brewing my 2’nd generation of their Bayern tomorrow in a Vienna Lager. It’s a fantastic yeast and my goal is to get about a half dozen batches from this one sack. Great German flavor.

I’ve been a fan of Omega yeast since our host started offering it, but now they have Imperial Yeast, and I like that even better.

I have used a few omega liquid as well, i typically make a started , but mainly because its still fun for me :slight_smile: . I have always been pleased with the results.
I have also just tried the Imperial Yeast for the NEIPA , it is supposed to be pitch-able as is (200 billion cells), but I made a started as it was recommended in my sons recipe he found.

I’ve used the West Coast Ale I and the DIPA Ale. I’ve been happy with both, also made starters for both.


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