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Omega HotHead yeast?

Hello I have a question about how well HotHead yeast attenuates? See Back about little over 4day’s ago I did my first Kettle soured an after the kettle sour process I boil for 60min an then chiller an pitch a 1L starter of HotHead yeast an had it fermenting at 73-74f. Yesterday I took a hydrometer sample to see where it was at 1.011 now this beer recipe OG 1.030. Now I don’t know why it hasn’t attenuated to the projected Final gravity of 1.008-1.007 unless it was me forgetting to oxygenate my wort before pitching the yeast…

There’s many things that affect attenuation. Grist, mash temps, mash rest, pH of mash, how healthy the yeast is, how much healthy yeast you pitch, and even the yeast style. This becomes really important when pitching yeast into a significant lower pH. I pitch my kettle sours at double the recommended amount.

Hard to tell really.

73-74F for Hothead? I didn’t do a sour but pitched at 96F and let ferment at 80-85F. I spoke with Omega and the recommended 80-90F for Hothead.
I’ll admit I don’t have a lot of experience, but the temps in the low 70’s seems low for these Kveik strains.

Here on bonaire. I pitch my yeast. Kveik. At 80fh. Seems to work. Same day fermenting going on. But my buddy lives in capemay. Pitches his yeast. Next day he has major issues. To get the kveik going. Told him dont pitch next day. But he does not lissen

I’ve started pitching the kveik at the high end temp. Like you, I see activity in a few hours. Little to no lag time.

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