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Older perlick kegerator

this is gonna be rather long, lol. i’ve been doing alot of reading and researching about this unit and the project itself for a month or two now, seems i amass more questions for every answer i find.

i have a older model perlick kegerator that i was able to grab for free at a restaurant that quit selling beer. its model number is 1006AUL, Serial number is 335250. approx. 4’L X 2’W X 3’H.

the condenser is a Tecumseh. model number is AE4430AB, serial number 9A1 773583. from what i can figure the unit was originally set up for R-12, but i think(and could be totally wrong) that it has been changed to run R-409.

it had been set up to disperse two half barrels, and i would like to turn it into a 8 or 9 tap unit for 1/6 home brew kegs. it has two tower holes spaced 2’, and i plan of building one large tower myself out of pvc, and then build a nice wood frame around it. problem is finding info on the unit itself. its in great condition considering its from the mid 90’s, its had inspections every 6 months since it was purchased new, but some of the attachments for the Tecumseh condensing unit had been removed prior to my taking it. i do believe its full of freon at the moment, unless all of it could leak out normally within a little over a year of disuse.

i’ve been in contact with perlick and they were unable to supply me with any kind of manual for the unit, and the guy i spoke with said he couldnt even give me a newer units manual to go off of because he didnt know the compatibility. i’ve also been in contact with Tecumseh but cant get the manual on the unit thats included with the kegerator.

so one problem i’m currently faced with is i need to be able to reattach the different coolant tubes i see that are unhooked, and also would really like to have the manuals for both, or at least compatible manuals. i’ve been doing alot of searching for the last month or more, but am really coming up dry.

i’ve also possibly have an issue inside the kegerator itself i wanna check on. i’m going to post a few pics pointing out the things i’m talking about.

first pic: shows the main wiring coming into kegerator(removed a cover to get at them, located at the top of the kegerator. the thick gray wire goes to the device in the second picture(dont now what that is yet) but seems to be then end of it.

third pic: this is the other side of the area from the first pic. the wires that are capped and taped are the main wires from the outside. i’m wondering why these are cut? they had it sitting without use for almost a year before i took it, it was supposed to have been in perfect working condition, although not set up when i got there. it doesnt have a plug in yet, it had been hardwired right into the wall, i had to undo all that and cap it off when i took it.

so to list the questions i have

  1. where could i find detailed schematics on a kegerator like this one?
  2. where could i find detailed schematics on my condensing unit?
  3. whats the device in the second pic?
  4. why would the wires shown be cut? why would that just not have been done on the exterior, or at least outside that panel area where it would have been easier/faster to get at?

i know i have more questions, just typing all that up made me forget a couple i think. any answers or just pointers in the right direction would be great. as said i’ve tried both perlick and tecumseh with no avail, so if anyone here has or had a similar unit i’d be stoked to hear what you think.

heres the condensing unit, and other attachments. everything was set up to be farther away and up a wall next to the unit, i plan on re-doing the wiring to shorten everything. would love an ID on all the things if anyone want to throw it out. i’ve been reading alot and looking things up, but it seems most avenues come up short for me, since so much of this is pretty old. and i am looking to go as cheap as possible, so anything i can keep using till it dies is beneficial. was wondering about the component part that has 22-2 writen on it in marker. i can also get any other pics anyone would need, just only lets me do a few per post.


  1. ID’s on things in second pic?
  2. where does the filter drier in the third pic go exactly? and is it shot? its just the copper tube thats brokeen, i’m pretty sure i can just replace it and continue to use it, no?
  3. is PENN generally considered a quality brand of instruments, or would my best overall option be to obtain new ones?

thanks again to anyone who could help, back to scouring the net, lol. oh and if anyone new a great book or two about kegerators/refrigeration that they would suggest for a layman that might help as well.

cheers all

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