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Old Yeast in a starter

So - Procrastination wins the day again.

I bought an imperial stout AG kit in September to hopefully have ready for Feb / March next year…

And then between weekend weather, family stuff and laziness, I am just getting round to it now.

I made a 2L starter on Saturday and put on stir plate (using Wyeast Scotch Ale yeast)- problem was that the yeast was dated Aug 7th which shows it at less than 50% viable.

Anytime I have ever made a starter before, I used to get a nice yeasty smell within a day or 2. This time nothing.

Wondering anybody’s views on this? I am thinking of trying to build it up during the week to brew next weekend, so this morning I took it off the stir plate and put in the fridge to decant this evening and I did notice a ring about a half inch above the liquid so there has been some activity.

I’m rambling here cos I’m not even sure of my question - I guess it is basically Should I have smelt more of a yeasty smell? And am I right to try and build this up or just give in and buy more yeast to be sure since it was a pretty expensive grain bill?

Thanks for any input / advice

Different yeasts and different aromas. Some aromas are bad, sulfur and rotten egg. Your yeast produced a krausen ring indicating it is viable. I would have no qualms continuing the step ups to propagate the number of cells needed.

late thought.
You can check the SG of the wort decanted to check the attenuation.

I’ve used much older yeast to create starters. I wouldn’t hesitate to use that yeast. I use mrmalty to size my starters.

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