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Old Stock from North Coast

Has anyone had this? I had the other night and I loved it. Would love to try and clone it, any thoughts?

It’s really pricey, that’s what I’ve noticed.

Have you found it local?

Well I’m in southern California. And they have it in bottles at one of my favorite taverns. I’m sure they have it at total wine, just haven’t made it there to buy it yet. It was a little pricey I guess at 7 a bottle, but it was worth it at 11.5 ABV and really smooth profile.

I had a glass of it on tap at an Irish pub in Portland. Great beer. If you’re into stouts and haven’t had it, ‘Old Rasputin’ by north coast is fantastic.

I buy some every year and stick it away to age. Had a bottle that was 8 years old the other night and it was great.

I love stouts! They’re my absolute favorite. And Old Rasputin is my absolute favorite. It’s my go-to stout.

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