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Old Speckled Hen (Pub Can)

(not my image)

I’ll be honest, I went into this with low expectations. I’ve seen this beer around for years, in clear (probably skunky) bottles, seemed a bit like some over-produced british crap, was it even beer? Never heard a thing about it from anyone. No one seems to drink it. I finally found some cans that were stored well, although probably not fresh.

I must say that I’m really enjoying it. It has a super thick foam (the can has a widget), maybe even thicker than guiness, and is dry, malty, with a bit of a nice caramel candy flavor (but, again, not sweet). Nice minerally water profile helping dry out the beer. Quite a welcomed surprise, and possibly the best english bitter I’ve ever had, will buy again.

So smooth… I think beer “smoothness” is something the brits take very seriously.

Is that a Winooski beer? :wink:

I think to Brits, drinkability is #1. And I agree for the most part. I’d rather drink 5 or 6 session beers than sip an imperial IPA. It’s not brandy, it’s beer! And that is a pretty good bitter.

OSH is a pretty decent beer. I’ve had it in cans and bottles (and no, never had a skunky bottle…perhaps they’re using the treated hops or hop oils that are designed to practically eliminate the skunking factor).
I prefer the can version…the bottle version is more carbonated (I don’t like overly fizzy beer).

I’ve only had it on cask, and I thought it was pretty good that way. I may have to give the cans a try.

Yep, got it at Winooski Bev, the best beer outlet from here to Julio’s in Mass, IMO.

I have it all the time at a pub in downtown MPLS. they have it on tap. I Think it’s a pretty good beer. My wife loves it as well.

I agree it’s a pretty good beer, we have a nice little Irish pub in town that has quite a few really good Irish/English ales on tap(including OSH).

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