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Old Northern Brewer Recipes

I was watching Northern Brewer videos on YouTube and was wondering if there was a place where their discontinued recipes are listed. Does anyone know? For example, there is a video featuring Michael Dawson that talks about their “ghosts of the british isles limited edition kits”. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a location on the internet somewhere that housed the old recipes. There also used to be other “pro series” from Lakefront or TownHall, etc. Those are no longer listed on the Northern Brewer website. I understand these are not available to order in a kit, but someone could still piece them together buying the ingredients separately.

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Did you do a Google search?


All Grain:


Thanks @voltron, looking back at some of the stuff I brewed 6 or 7 years ago…
coming full circle as I pulled the trigger on two kits, Caribou Slobber (and The Plinian Legacy I added as I wanted to get the free shipping)

Question: When any of you order crushed grains from NB for a specific personal recipe(ie not one of their kits, and not bulk bags of grain), does it generally go ok?

Our LHBS crapped out due to covid(and lousy business practices )

I don’t typically order online, because NB is my LHBS, so I can just go to the retail shop and pick up what I need there (actually they weigh and mill it for you now due to covid). During the shutdown, I did do a bit of online ordering though, and everything was fine.

NB only let’s you order down to the pound online, but you can purchase milled or unmilled of anything they offer. The bags they use for 1lb are also resealable and use a barrier film similar to what you’d see with some foods in a grocery store, so this should help with the shelf life and freshness as opposed to a standard zip-lock bag. They also include a packed-on date so you know how fresh it is. I only mention that just in case you’re apprehensive about buying a pound of something you might not use regularly.


Hmmmm, I guess I am going to need a grain mill soon. Makes me appreciate what I lost when the turkey that owned the LHBS decided, “oh, I can be a brewer too”, and took on a gigantic rent Downtown…

I do Lakefront Fixed Gear based on the kit I used to buy from our hosts at least twice a year. It’s my go to spring/summer ale that’s not an IPA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As the kit is no longer available, if that’s the one you’re looking for, I can edit this to include the recipe when I get home.

11.25 lb Malteurop 2 row
12 oz Caramel 60L
8 oz Special B
60 min mash 152

60 min boil

.5 oz Columbus 60 mins
.5 oz Chinook 20 mins
1 oz Cascade 5 mins

Dry hop 5-7 days
1 oz Citra
1 oz Chinook

Wyeast 1056



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I got NB’s Hullwrecker right before going into isolation and love it. I hooked it up to a corded drill and put it on a 5 gallon bucket. Wear a dust mask if you are going to stand there. I definitely got some malt in my lungs

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I believe that “dust” was the demise of most, if not all the old wood framed grain mills by the train tracks around this area…

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Infected by the home brewing virus.


In my “beer dairy” I was looking through it and saw SS Minnow Mild. It was an extract. Wanted to see if there was an all grain.

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