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Old Kit

First post here. I’m getting pretty broad results searching for this, so here goes.

I have two kits that are 1 year old. One is the Caribou Slobber and the other is a stout. I have my own mill, so the grain is still uncrushed. They have pellet hops in the silvery sealed packages and dry yeast (my first time using dry).

I tasted the grain and it seems ok to me, still smells good.

So, am I way past the prime here? I’m thinking of just going for it.

Yes, it’s been too long…I know.

If the grain is not mealy or mushy then it will be fine, usually these are kept in a plastic bag which prevents absorbtion of moisture. The yeast is probably worthless, especially if it has not been kept refrigerated. Hops were kept sealed which is good, but temperature is a much bigger factor in hops losing their volatile compounds. If they were refrigerated / frozen you’d be good to go, room temp and you’ll still get bitterness but you’ll be lacking some of the subtle hop flavor that you would have otherwise.

I say get some fresh yeast and brew it up.

As far as the yeast, look for the expiration date. But, dry yeast is not that expensive.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll see if I can find a local brew shop and get some new yeast then.

I agree - update your yeast. Caribou Slobber and stout won’t have a huge hops presence anyway, so your old hops will probably be just fine. If you’re using dry yeast, go for US-05. If liquid, I’d recommend WY1968 for both batches.

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