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Old ingredient kit

Hi, I am new to home brewing and recently picked up an India pale ale kit with all the ingredients. I’m not sure how the previous owner stored it other than to keep it in his basement. I noticed that the yeast " Nottingham" expired in 7/2012. Since the hops, grains, lme and dme don’t have expiration dates and are all in sealed containers are any of them still useable? Thanks

Yeast: Probably would work, best to replace.

Grains: If they’re crushed, probably best to replace. If whole and stored air-tight, probably ok.

Hops: Probably best to replace but would need to open and smell.

LME: Most LME cans have a coded date on the can. Probably best to replace.

DME: Seems to last forever if stored dry and airtight.

Water: Best to use new water. Two year old water is never good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since so much stuff would best be replaced my opinion is that you should just not bother brewing it.

However, most would probably just brew it anyway and replace a minimum of ingredients like the hops and yeast. Just to see how it turns out :wink:

Geez… That stinks Thanks for your reply. Looks like i’ll be shopping for a new kit. How about the bottle caps, think they are OK? :lol:

And with respect to the water, depending on your philosophy all water is at least 2000 years old and as much as 4.5 billion years old. You may want to obtain a cylinder of oxygen, and twice as much hydrogen so you can make your own NEW water.

Nottingham yeast is cheap so I would definitely replace that. If the hops have not been in the freezer that might be another replace. The rest is probably OK. The caps can just be dunked in no-rinse sanitizer like Star San.

Brewing the kit as is might make an interesting experiment if you don’t mind the gamble.

Get a new kit (IMHO).

A coworker and I both brew, and after listening to our conversations a third coworker decided to dust off the Mr. Beer kit his wife gave him ‘a few years ago’ He made the expired hit despite both of us offering to help him brew fresh stuff.

The result put him off home brewing forever. Now, I’m not sure he ever really wanted to be a home brewer, but the kit cemented the “it’s too much work for unsatisfactory result” excuse.

No one debates baking expired cake recipe kits, why does this keep coming up with homebrew?

Save the extract for yeast starters. Dump the rest.

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