Old grains?

I forgot about a bag of milled grains I had purchased from my local HBS about 3 months ago. They’ve been sitting in a sealed plastic bag in a cool dry place in my basement. I hate to throw them away but also don’t like the idea of wasting time on an AG brewing session if the grain is no good. Thoughts?

Taste them. If they taste stale then discard. The malt should be crunchy.

milled is pushing it,I would just go get fresh

When I brewed my first all grain beer I had bought a milled kit from NB. Due to the weather and a little trouble acquiring equipment I put off the brew for about 3 months. All 11 or so lbs of grain were kept in a sealed plastic bag in a dry place. I had no problems with the brew and it turned out great. Definitely try the taste test first to make sure but I predict you probably wont have any problems