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Old Grains

Survey Here… What’s the oldest (post-crush) grain that you’ve brewed with…and were there any noticeable bad effects?

I have a sack from about 8 weeks ago (NBs cream ale). Wondering if I should dump it or give it a go.

It’s been in the cool basement air, out of direct light, etc. but pretty old…

8 weeks? Most grains are probably at least that old when you buy them. Especially imported grains. It’s not like they harvest grain 12 months a year. I’ve used grains at least a year old. Uncrushed, of course.

Right…these are crushed…

Before purchasing a Corona mill, I ordered 4 crushed kits at 1 time. Last one brewed closer to 3 months old. It tasted fine. But then again I brewed the lighter beers 1st. The last one was a porter.

The only thing you have to loose is your time, some water and propane.

I bet it will be just fine.

I have used crushed grains that were about 6-8 months old before and did not really notice anything bad about the beer. I usually only order 3-4 times a year so I make big orders. When I get the AG kits I leave them in the plastic bags they come in then I put them in a big plastic tupperware bin in my basement beer room that is as low as 50* in the winter and 65* in the summer.

Even being 6-8 months old, the beer is still better than store bought.

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