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Old extract ingredients help

Used to be really active on the board and then the job threw me for a loop… Spent a year and a half commuting every week to Atlanta and have now been living there (apartment) for the past 15 months while our house was on the market in St. Paul.

Looks like the house will sellminnthe next couple of weeks (hooray), but in the processor getting it ready for closing I’ve got a bunch of primarily extract ingredients in my basement to deal with. Some questions:

  • given a pretty stable 60-68 degree storage how long would DME remain “good”
  • given a pretty stable 60-68 degree storage how long will various Belgian Candy Sugar syrups last? I’ve got AM, D and D2
  • A bunch of hops in their original 1 oz bags from NB, or, where opened or bought in a one pound formats packaged using a food saver vacuum sealer and kept frozen.

All products have been stored like this for probably 24 months or a little more.

I’m moving to ATL and will need to reconfigure everything anyway given water, groundwater temps and the like, butim trying to determine if the ingredients are likely good to give to a local friend who is a casual brewer. I don’t want to dump ad stuff on him, but conversely if it’s only deteriorated a little then it could be just fine for his purposes.

Advice welcome…

-Desperately need to get back to home brewing…

I wouldn’t worry too much about the DME or the candi sugar at all. They should be perfectly fine.
I’ve never stored hops for 2 years, but I’ve definitely used similarly stored hops one year out, with no issues whatsoever. Since you did vacuum seal them I’d venture a guess that they should probably be in pretty decent shape.

Wait for a few other folks to weigh in on this and see what the consensus is.
Personally, I think the stuff should be fine.

Since we are on this topic can we toss in LME as well? A friend of mine has a few jugs of it that never got brewed about two years ago. My inclination is to toss it but I’d like to know what others think.

Just my two cents on the LME. Taste it? Can’t speak from experience, just throwin it out there…

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