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Old Ale

Time to fill the rye barrel again… I am thinking about an old ale.

11 lbs Maris Otter
2 lbs flaked wheat
1 lbs English Dark Crystal 75L
.5 lbs Carastan
6 oz pale chocolate
.5 lbs brown sugar

Mash at 154f
90 Minute Boil
~1.075 at 19 SRM

2oz Challenger hops - 90 minutes
.5oz fuggle - 10 minutes

45 IBUs

Ferment with WLP037 Yorkshire Square, age in the rye barrel, and then innoculate with brett lambicus.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Insults?


I think it looks good. My own Old Ale starts at a higher OG (more malt and more sugar), but I do like the level of Crystal you’ve chosen…it softens nicely with the 1 to 2 year aging. I don’t use any brett in my long aged ales, but it certainly won’t hurt. I always also add more hops than normal to compensate for what will fade with aging.
I do several batches a year, so I can always enjoy some properly aged, and also so I have annual top-up for my Burton solera (which I’ve kept going since 1991).

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