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Old ale recipe need some feedback

too light on the hops??

1.060 - 1.090 1.015 - 1.022 30 - 60 10 - 22 6.00 - 9.00
1.082 1.021 39.7 15.71 7.99
Recipe Parameters
Target Style
Old Ale
5 Gallons
My Custom Recipe
Ingredient Name Amount
Crisp Maris Otter
11 lbs, 0 oz
Weyermann Munich Type II
1 lbs, 12 oz
Gambrinus Honey Malt
1 lbs, 0 oz
Briess 2 Row Caramel 60
0 lbs, 8 oz
Briess 2 Row Caramel 80
0 lbs, 8 oz
Kent Goldings, UK Pellets
2.25 oz @ 60 mins
Kent Goldings, UK Pellets
1.25 oz @ 15 mins
Styrian Golding Pellets
1.0 oz @ 0 mins
1 ea
9 ingredients.

bump, any help here would…er…help…tx

I saw this before, but for whatever reason, the format you cut and pasted is hard to follow. Just saying.

If I read this right, you’re looking at:

39.7 IBUs and 15.71 SRM?

If correct, I think you’re just fine as-is - I’ve made a few Old Ales in the past (one even somehow got BOS 2 years ago) and they’ve all been 30-40 IBUs tops. This style is about the malt, if you get too heavy with the hops, you’ll wind up with an English Barleywine - they’re very similar.

BTW, do you love Honey Malt or something? I’d drop that one if it were my beer, and I’d probably use 1028/013 or 1968/002 for yeast, but I really don’t like S04 personally.

thanks blatz, yeah, sorry, cut and pasted that from brewmasters warehouse. i’m pitching onto a slurry from alow vravity beer with s-04, but I agree, maybe not the best choice.

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