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Oktoberfest yeast reuse question

What would be a good lager style that would work well to rack on top of oktoberfest yeast bed?

A bock? Smoked bock? You have plenty of yeast so take your chance and make a strong lager beer. I know that´s what I would do.

Would it be enough for a double bock?

Not sure if I want to wait that long on a lager though. If I am a going to wait that long, I want to have a beer that I enjoy more.

I like to bounce yeast between an O-Fest & Vienna Lager & Dortmunder, all at or under 1.060. Order doesn’ really matter. For a 10 gallon batch one pint of thick slurry is just right. Cheers!!!

All great ideas…If I were you, I’d harvest half the cake and save it in the fridge and use the other half for your next batch. Even better, split the cake and make two lagers! :smiley:

That may be what I have to. Because I have two ales fermenting in the freezer at the moment. And I really only have room for one lager to lager at a time in the kegerator. I guess if I got some more kegs and secondary in them. I could do two at a time, with three kegs still serveable. Damn I need an additional chest freezer just for lagers. The girl friend would murder me if I brought another fridge or chest freezer for beer though. Already running a kegerator, a dorm fridge for bottled beers, and a chest freezer for fermentation.

Do you have a good all grain vienna lager recipe? thanks.

Do you have a good all grain vienna lager recipe? thanks.[/quote]

Pretty basic but pretty tasty too:

11 gallons
20.0 lb. Vienna
2.0 lb. Light Munich

.75 oz. Magnum (12.1% AA, 75 min.)

~152F for 75 minutes

Boil for 75 minutes

Lager Yeast fermented @ ~50F
Lager for 30 days

OG 1.058 FG 1.012
16 IBU, 6.0% ABV, 8 SRM


Thank you.

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