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Oktoberfest Primary Fermentation Issue with Wyeast 2633

I brewed the Oktoberfest yesterday. Prior to pitching the yeast, the OG was spot on at 1.058. I popped the inner packet of the Wyeast 2633 and let it sit for about 3 hours in temps between 70-80 degrees. The packet never swelled but I read that it would still be alright to pitch it. I got the wort temperature down to 66 degrees and pitched the yeast.
I checked on the wort today and the yeast has settled to the bottom. I looked up the Wyeast 2633 and read that the temperature range is between 45-58 degrees. The directions that came with the kit says to get the wort as close to 58 degrees as possible and move to a dark, quiet spot. The directions don’t mention anything about maintaining 45-58 degrees during the primary fermentation process and I’m worried that the warmer wort won’t ferment.
BTW, this is my first lager. Any help would be great.

The warmer wort won’t keep it from fermenting just the opposite. What was the date on the yeast? If your talking about a 5 gallon batch it may be an underpitch. Lager yeast can be slower to start more so with old yeast and underpitching. Keep your fermenter closed and just give it a swirling every day or so it should start up

The yeast was dated July 2020. It is a 5 gallon batch. I’ll give a swirl. Thank you for responding.

Welcome to lagering! In many ways my favorite part of homebrewing. With more experience you will gain an understanding of the slight differences in brewing lagers…higher pitch rates needed(often 2 packets of dry yeast, or a starter made from your smack pack to build up the yeast numbers). Refrigeration for lagering is really a must. Keeping a beer at 48 degrees or so with ice packs and swamp cooler is just not realistic. I started with the old garage fridge and bought a Johnson Controller for my first lager, and haven’t looked back…

In some ways once you have the basics, I find they are easier than ales and give a more uniform, cleaner tasting, quality product. Have you figured out I like brewing lagers yet?

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