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Oktoberfest kit, how to raise the ABV%?

Anyone have any ideas on how I can raise the ABV% in a Oktoberfest kit? I just got a kit and it says the average is 3.5 - 4.0… I’d like to get it up a little higher.

You could add table sugar to boost the ABV. The sugar would give you a drier, thinner bodied beer though. I would enter the ingredients into a recipe builder like this one.


With a recipe builder you can increase the ingredients proportionally to keep the same IBU level, SRM, and body.

I would use some DME instead of sugar

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Me too. You want to retain the maltiness of the Oktoberfest. Also, Check your IBUs, you might have to up the hops to keep it balanced.

Or, use less water, Ifn we know what you are working with, 1, 2.5, 5, we can help. Less water will help you to gain points of potential… also known as ABV. Sneezles61

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Indeed use more dme. I would think.

Thanks for the help…it’s a 5 gallon recipe

Then you could very easily back off to 4 gallon recipe. Ifn you post yer grain bill we could then get you a closer estimated ABV. Sneezles61

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