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Okay, you Minnesotan hockey superfans (MSP recs)

We are heading to MSP for a wedding in late July (I believe its actually on Lake Minnetonka) for one of my wife’s best friends.

She had originally gotten me a ‘voucher’ for Savor in NYC for Xmas, but it conflicts with a family event we have (group trip to Book of Mormon!). Sooooo, what I said to her was, “what I’d really like is to go out to MSP a day earlier with you and explore the beer bars, beer culture, and culture of the Twin Cities.”

I have to say, I don’t mind them, but I’m a little ‘over’ brewery tours ( “AND THIS IS OUR MASH TUN, WHERE WE STEEP THE MALTED GRAINS TO EXTRACT THE SUGAR”), so unless there is one that is a true ‘can’t-miss’ (Surly?), what I am really looking for is a cool, walkable neighborhood to stay in for a night, beer bars/tap rooms/nano’s to hit up, and good, unique restaurants, maybe a cool music venue. Just a general landscape of the can’t miss parts of the city.

I have a day and a night to blow on my wife’s dime. Recommendations appreciated!

BTW, I’m a hockey superfan, but felt the need to jab at all my Minnesotan/midwest virtual friends on this board! (watched both Yale beat QU last night, then turned on Miracle, which is in my top 5 all time movies, starring my all-time favorite Canadian, Mr. Kurtis Russell).

I’m not a native, but have visited MANY times. Since nobody else will help, I’ll give it a shot.

I’d try the Grand Ave. area in St. Paul; you can visit the original NB location, hit up Tavern on Grand (go for the Shore Lunch and a Surly on tap). I think there’s an Irish pub, a Penzy’s Spice store (to stock up on brewing spices), and a number of other cool venues (from unique to chain).

You are also a short drive from Flat Earth Brewing, a very small and very cool brewery that you can hit up for a taste and a growler.

That’s my two cents as non-native. If nothing else, maybe you’ll get a few natives to jump in and tell me I’m wrong! :smiley:

In late July the hop covered porch should be a good spot for a pint and something from the kitchen. If it’s not to hot/humid.

Barley John’s isn’t near anything. But well worth the short drive.

I just ate at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul. Over 70 beers on tap. Food is really good too.

Also, other notable joints:

The Bulldog (two locations)
Kierans Irish Pub
Haut dish
Grumpy’s Bar

Also, if you’re looking for a liquor store with epic beer selection, check out the Four Firkins.

There are plenty of others too. Most bars in downtown Minneapolis have a decent beer selection. Kierans Irish Pub is my favorite downtown place.

Bulldog and Happy Gnome have the best beer selection and number of tap lines.

I’m sure there are plenty other places I’ve never been too as well.

I suggest hitting up the Butcher and The Boar, Downtown MPLS. Northeast MPLS is home to several new brewpub/Nano Breweries. Dangerous Man and Indeed brewing both come to mind; also Harriet Brewing on Minnehaha, Uptown MPLS. Muddy Waters and The Bulldog, Lyndale and Lake St. area.

Yeah, if I was visiting the Cities, I would check out Dangerous Man for sure. I started following their FB page after Mr. Keeler did a painting for them. Looks like a great place. Next time I go to MN I am checking them out.

Non beer related, you could go for a Jucy-Lucy Burger at either Matt’s or a 5-8 Club (bot say they’re the originals). It’s a messy tourist food thing to do.

Minnehaha Park and the Sculpture Gardens are great places too. I think at the park you can buy beer (not sure on the quality) or according to the parks site you can bring cans of 3.2% beer to picnic areas.

(I’ve only visited 2 or 3 long weekends, but I have always enjoyed my visits.)

BTW: I also love Miracle. I started playing hockey in my mid-twenties, and I suck, but that movie gets me going again when I feel like I am in an extend slump. Do I play better? No, but I feel rejuvenated. If you haven’t, you should read “The Boys of Winter” about the 80 team.

wow, awesome recommendations, thanks! I will be making a google map, my go-to for a boozy visit to a city. If anyone is heading to Baltimore, NOLA or Denver and needs some recs, hit me up!

I don’t believe that anyone mentioned Town Hall yet, but I would add that to the list. Not walkable from NE neighborhood (Dangerous Man, Indeed), but not terribly far away. I’ve always liked their beers.

Had a great trip to Mpls, thanks for the recs! Turned out with the wedding, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore the city (at least together), but did get in some good spots:

-Butcher and the Boar for dinner - honestly some of the best house made sausages I’ve ever had. Sides were good-looking, but a little too rich. They could scale back on the heavy cream additions on things and still have tons of flavor. The sweet corn semi freddo was the best dessert I have had in a long time.
-Vincent for rehearsal dinner - pretty amazing food. RD was for 40 people, and all of the dishes were executed really really well. Beautiful space as well
-Brit’s Pub for the post-rehearsal dinner get-together - the place was a bit of a sh1tshow, but overall, good beers and a great atmosphere. I had to send back (actually, just 'put down and order another) a few beers as they tasted like cleaner, likely from not washing the glass properly. Then I went outside and beheld the most amazing lawn bowling pitch ever. I’ve always been a bocce guy, but this was pretty awesome.
-went to the Midtown Market while my wife was doing bridesmaid stuff - hit up The Salty Tart for a brioche popover/doughnut thing that is still making me weep. Also Left Handed Cook for Bok Bok (6.5 out of 10 or so, on my scale).
-walked with my wife to the Farmers Market (bit of a dodgy walk) to try to hit up Black Walnut bakery, only to realize (wah wah), it wasn’t open on Fridays. Just weekends. Weekdays are only produce vendors primarily.
-Last but not least, hit up the Bulldog (Northeast) while my wife was getting mani/pedi’s with the other bridesmaids. Cool spot, great beer selection. I had a Saison Dupont Cuvee dry hop on DRAUGHT, which IIRC was just released in the states earlier this year.

Overall, was really impressed with the city, and Lake Minnetonka, where the wedding was. Was going to hit up Excelsior Brewing Co. out that way, but it would have conflicted with our Butcher and the Boar reservation, which I’m glad we kept.

Wow Pietro. What a great trip to our fair neighborhood. You should write a marketing campaign for the Twin Cities.

I am also a big fan of the Butcher and the Boar and the Bulldog. I am glad you had a nice time.

Well with growing up in MN, I really loved the mighty ducks. I just turned 21 in July, so i only experienced just a few bars. Uptown is really fun, expensive as f***, unless you go for happy hour, or someone else is buying for you. Now you just need to visit in the winter where people play hockey everywhere.

You seemed to have a blast and gave some names of bars that i might need to try now.

The Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm, MN from my experience was awesome, not so much yelling over the sound of machinery. My cousins always go there in the fall/winter time for a deer festival, not sure what its called but finally i get to go. Everyone dresses up as deer and hunters.

Glad you liked your trip, come back anytime. hahaha


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