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Okay, just one to see

Braufessor just reminded me of this horrible mis-step while enduring the agony of bottle conditioning. You go to your basement/fridge/corner-of-the-apartment-next-to-the-AC-where-you’ve-covered-your-bottles-with-sweatshirts/etc. and you think, "I just need to see where the beer’s at right now. So you crack one. I’ve now garnered the self control to gently pour out a sample and recap, but was a time when I’d suddenly end up five or six beers deep in a week 2 weeks before the beers was ready… oh learning.

Brewing will teach you patience, yo. :slight_smile:

You can’t remove part of the beer and re-cap. Well, you obviously can do it, but the rest of the beer in that bottle will not be correctly carbonated after losing the carbonation in the head space. Just chill one bottle for a day or two and enjoy it. You can also fill one or more PET bottles for an easy evaluation of the carbonation in the rest of the bottles.

Yup this hobby will definitely teach patience. When I bottled i would always check one at 7 days and then throw a 6’er in at 2 weeks. Usually by 3 weeks it was all good. I find the best way not to get ansty about what you want is to constantly have a full pipeline then you can be drinking what is its in prime while your newer batches get plenty of time to adequatley ferment, and carbonate so they are at their peak when you start in on a new batch.

I can relate to that. Letting the beer ferment for an extra 2 or 3 weeks is no problem but…once it goes into the bottle, my patience fly’s out the window.

My first brew was probably more than half gone by time the beer was finally fully conditioned.

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