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Ok to use US-05 for caribou slobber?

I have some US-05 slurry, would like to brew the caribou slobber kit…
it calls for Danstar Windsor Ale yeast (64*-70*)

ok to use US-05? also an ale yeast, right?
this yeast works great in my house temps now, mid 60’s at best.

anyone ever use 05 for this?

thanks for any thoughts.

I did use it recently and it turned out good. My one complaint was we subbed some grain not sure which ones since my LHBS didn’t have the same stuff as our host. It was a decent brew but didn’t have the same flavor as the original. I think if I do it again I’ll use something that doesn’t attenuate as well to leave a little more grain flavor. I brewed it with S-05 and S-04 bout a year ago when I was doing extract. Both were good but the S-04 version had better body.

ahhh, so much to learn,
thanks for the tip.

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