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OK to use LME for starter?

I’m ready to make a 1.5L starter but am short of DME. I have 100 grams DME but from what I have read I need 150 grams dme. Can I use some LME that I have? Or should I make a 1L starter, this is for 1.064 OG extract kit. If LME is OK do I use same ratio as DME (100 grams to 1 liter water)? OK to mix dme and LME or go with all LME? Thanks.

LME should be fine, but you’ll need a little more LME than DME. Maybe someone on here can better direct you as to how much you should use for a 1.5L starter.

(‘LME in kg’ times 308)/Liters=OG

so… (x times 308)/1.5liters= 40 “for a standard 1.040 starter”

x=.1935 kg

thats 193.5 grams LME for a 1.5 liter starter to get a 1.040 starter wort

i would just weigh out 194 grams and call it good

ps. If you want to use the formula for DME it goes:
(‘DME in kg’ times 384)/Liters=OG

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