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Ok brain storm all of you help me

Been ask to create a new recipy a blond beer. Abv 5.5% it needs to have. Flavour. Mango. Passion fruit. Coconut this needs to be comercial. Beer. Help me with any ideas

I get mango/melon out of Mosaic/Citra hop blends… no idea how to get coconut out of it without whisky barrels, though.

I would do a wheat beer. For yeast I would pick wyeast forbidden fruit. For the fruit flavors you want you can use fresh mango or concentrate. Passion fruit is a hard one not much out there beside the real thing. On the coconut buy toasted coconut and dry hop with it.

I agree. I did a Weis beer last summer and flavored it with orange zest and people loved it. Substitute whatever fresh fruit you want

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Doesn’t coconut have relatively high oil content? I would worry about killing head on the beer. I’ve never used it, so this may not be a real issue. You might have to just try it and see.
I’d suggest making an extraction using vodka, but as this is for commercial purposes it might run into legal complications to used distilled alcohol when making it.

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Isn’t Galaxy hops suppose to give a strong passionfruit flavor? A late addition might work.

The idea. Will be. Do create a recipy first a small batch. To see how this works. Taste wise. If this works. The recipy will go to the sister brew company in hollland. And they will brew big volume and bottle them. For comercial. Purpose. Like the other beer. The brewery makes bonaire blond. Me work on bonaire at small brewry part time. But this is only 150 liters. Per brew session.

Me love to use orange peel. Gives a nice smooth flav. Thanks you all for the feed back. Once back from. Colombia. Will toy. With. The recipy

Yes raw coconut would most likely kill the head. But toasted takes some of the oil out and works very nicely

Here is recipe from the aha site might make it a starting point to build on For 5.5 gallons (21 L)
4.5 lb (2 kg) | Wheat malt
3.5 lb (1.6 kg) | Two-Row malt
1.0 lb (450 g) | Flaked wheat or unmalted wheat
0.5 lb (225 g) | Munich malt
0.5 lb (225 g) | Rice hulls
0.5 oz (14 g) | Northern Brewer whole hops, 8% a.a. (60 min)
0.5 oz (14 g) | Mt. Hood whole hops, 3.2% a.a. (40 min)
0.5 oz (14 g) | Cascade whole hops, 6% a.a. (5 min)
American Ale yeast
1 pint (475 ml) | Passionfruit puree
1 quart (950 ml) | Mango puree
Original Gravity: 1.048
Final Gravity: 1.008
ABV: 5.25%
IBU: 17
SRM: n/a
Boil Time: 60 minutes
Efficiency: 75%
Pre-boil Volume: n/a
Pre-boil Gravity: n/a

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Thanks. Gonna try in april. Me leaving the island next week. Today brewing a heffenweisen. My brew buddy will watch and transfer to second

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