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Oiling the Steelhead pump

Where? How? Have not tried the pump out yet, but will in a few days. Mine has a sticker on the motor for oil, but no port or anything. Could someone give me more information? I assume they want me to drip a few drops on the shaft?

I assume by looking at it that it is a March pump I have two (not the SS) and have never oiled them or can I see a place to oil on the one I just took a look at. They are model 809. If the label from March is still on it you could try contacting them with your model number and asking. If not try NB to see if they can give you the make and model but I bet it is a March. Great pump BTW.

You should not run it dry for very long though. It needs liquid flowing through to lubricate the pump.

My March pump has a label on top near the center that says, “OIL” with arrows pointing toward the front (the pump end) and the back. Near the front and the back there are tubes that run down to the front and rear bearings. Put a few drops of oil in each tube every six months.

You are right OD. Put on my glasses and took another look. There are arrows pointing to the ends of the case where there are not quite round oil holes. I added the big one to point them out.

Mine is pointed away from the pump side. Towards the slotted end of the motor side. Nothing there but a little fan. In order to oil it, a drop would have drip about an inch to hit the fan shaft.
I’m calling N.B. tomorrow.

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