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Oh oh!

Well, did a yeast starter this AM. Was a nice day to put out in the snow bank to cool… Slipped off the retaining wall and dumped all over the patio. Wouldn’t have been a big deal, BUT, last bit of DME, AND big ol’ dent in the wifes dutch oven/aluminum pot! Well, I showed her, and now I have a lump and got a butt chewing session for using her stuff. Now, has anyone done a yeast starter using table sugar? Maybe a weak solution? I can pitch as is tomorrow, but enjoy when the brew takes off like a rabbit… Sneezles61

Do you have any 2-row on hand to do a bit of all grain wort? I always keep a couple of cans of Fast Pitch around. I’d worry that just sugar might do not get the yeast ready for wort (dessert before Turkey, in a way).

Yes I do… Didn’t think to mini mash! Thank you! Sneezles61

I would be beating myself for a week with that kind of catastrophe. Maybe your Wife will forgive you next year.

Table sugar might not work for a starter. No experience trying it though. The yeast may be stressed processing simple sugars and not be ready for the complex sugars of a wort.

(Reply to late.)

I’ve a rubber mallet. I will to an adventure to the garage after a while… :confounded: Sneezles61

It won’t work that well. Table sugar is sucrose which is extracted from sugar cane and sugar beats. Sucrose is only one of many sugars that YEAST feed on to remain healthy and multiply. Even when using DME, sucrose only makes up a small part of the wort. The first sugars to be broken down by YEAST are sucrose, then they break down glucose, fructose, maltose, etc. I wouldn’t recommend table sugar

You’ll probably have better luck replacing your wife’s cook ware than making a starter with table sugar. Good luck!

You sound like a lucky man to me. I’d be getting a butt whoopin’ for anything approaching brewing today, Thanksgiving. I’m at serious risk just looking at the forum. Maybe we all need another life other than brewing ?!

Good luck! My next brew day is Sunday.


Alls well, dent straighten out so the lid works, did a mini mash, yeast is bubbling away, grain bill ready, so time to brew! Sneezles61

Very nice save!

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