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OG of 1.080.......WHAT?

Just finished up my third ever extract brew which is a Brickwarmer Holiday Red and have an OG of 1.080 but the directions said it should be 1.062 and not sure why.

What does that mean and is the beer ruined?

The directions said to boil 2.5 gal. but I boiled 3 gal. because i put too much in the kettle and did not want to pour it out and start again. Would that effect the out come?

I took a hydrometer reading after I put the wort in the fermentor and topped it off to 5 gal.

What would cause such a high OG?

I had a ok boil but not a fast boil. Would that cause it.

Being a newbie so not sure whats going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If you used all the LME/DME and have the correct liquid volume post boiling, after adding the top off water, you will get the OG listed in the kit.

If you took the reading before adding the top off water, that is not the correct procedure.

If you took the reading after adding additional water, you did not get the water and work mixed thoroughly. No big deal, fermentation will get it all mixed up and the yeast will find the sugars.

Same thing happened to me with my first batch. Turned out I didn’t mix the wort enough. I just bought a squirrel mixer to make sure I properly mix future batches.

It’s called stratification. I just had it happen to me too, despite knowing better. My OG was actually several points low despite adding an extra pound of honey to the wort. I stirred some more, took a new reading, and it was exactly where I expected it to be.

It all makes sense now. Thanks for help.

I poured the wort into the carboy and topped off with water and took a sample right away before I added the yeast and aerated.

Thanks for settling my nerves

Brew on.

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